foldable meditation pod

 Lotus creates an environment that allows for accessible meditation for people to conveniently alleviate stress. Lotus is easily stored away reducing space in offices, studios and other workplaces. Lotus appeals to the senses – touch, sight, smell, hearing – to create a stress relief product that appeals to more than just one aspect of a person’s being. 

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Interactive kinetic sculpture

How does our physiological state affect our psychological state?  We experience stress relief by being able to see and understand our emotions, yet sometimes we are not even aware of our stress. Once we realise we are stressed, visualising our abstract negative emotions and anxieties removes their power over us. Axon is an exploration of the connection between one’s physiological state and psychological state in regards to stress manifestation.



Interactive lighting

Initial exploration and play with Arduino, motors, sensors and movement



responsive Planter

Flourish is a responsive pot that mimics the growth and life cycle of a living plant. People often do not know about the watering needs of their plants and end up either over or under watering the plant. Flourish takes this off their hands by visually indicating the amount of water through the organic cue of wilting. 

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Alarm clock with a tilting snooze

Interactive, playful alarm clock based on the aesthetic of the 2013 Mini Cooper Hardtop. In order to snooze the clock, you tilt it to the side, and it will return itself to its upright position due to its centre weight